How to complete the Land, Sea, and Air Challenge in BitLife

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It’s the first weekend in June and it’s the perfect time to enjoy all the luxury it brings. There are always new challenges ahead of you in BitLife, the latest of which is the Land, Sea and Air Challenge, where you will have to own assets of vehicles that can travel by land, sea and air.

Here are all the challenges related to the challenge of Earth, Sea and Air.

  • Build a $ 1 million car collection
  • Assemble a collection of vessels worth $ 1 million
  • Build a $ 1 million aircraft collection
  • Survive a dangerous encounter in one of your boats and planes

These tasks will require you to raise a large amount of money, so we strongly recommend having a decent job or waiting a generation or two to make enough money to buy these multimillion-dollar items. Since most of these tasks require the purchase of cars, boats, and planes, you must wait until your character is at least 18 years old to try a boat trip and pilot’s license. For a dangerous encounter, also try to teach your character to swim. If you teach your character to swim by trying swimming for the Swim Team in high school, they will learn to swim, which will increase their chances of surviving a dangerous encounter when they embark on a boat.

For those interested in buying a car collection worth more than $ 1 million, you need to ensure that you can buy more cars. We haven’t encountered too many cars to reach this price point, so it’s better to grab a few cars and take care of them. If you are aiming for more expensive vehicles, you will only need four or five of them to reach this point.

When it comes to buying jet skis, you must first pass a boating test. A boat test will give you the answer to one question to prove that you have enough knowledge of water to be able to steer a boat. After passing the boating license test, you can buy a boat for free from an authorized dealer. Most of the better ships range from 300,000, some in the millions. We recommend that you buy one of the larger boats without easily striking the required limit of one million dollars without much effort.

When it comes to requesting an aircraft, you will encounter the same problem as on a ship. Before purchasing, you must request and pass a pilot’s license test. You will need to answer one of the many questions you see. Once you do, you can buy any of the aircraft that has a dealership, and the cheapest one costs around $ 1 million. It doesn’t matter which one you buy, because you should meet the requirement by purchasing it.

The last task you have to complete with the Land, Sea and Air Challenge is to survive a dangerous encounter in your ship or plane. Unfortunately, it’s all about happiness. It will be a random event that your character will go through while driving his purchased boat or plane. We recommend choosing the one that has the best conditions for your character to survive the effort, and if not, you will have to start again. It’s a random event, so it can happen at any time. Just make sure they enjoy the boat or plane so the event can start.

Once you complete all these tasks, you will receive cosmetics to complete the challenge and get a rating compared to other players who are also trying to complete it in BitLife.

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