How to complete the Deal Gone Wrong Public Event in Nakatomi Tower in Call of Duty: Warzone – Arms Deal

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In Nakatomi Tower, in the game Call of Duty: Warzone, several side missions need to be completed. One of them is the Arms Deal, where a group of NPCs can appear on the ground flower of the tower and you will have to remove them before they get away. The real trick is to have these NPCs in the first place. These work differently than work-in-progress contracts, but provide you with a key card to open the vault.

How to start the agreement An incorrect public event occurred

To start the public Arms Deal, you need to get to the Nakatomi Tower garage. You can do it from inside the building, which we think is the fastest method. It is also the most dangerous given the popularity of the place, so we warn players to proceed at their own risk.

When you walk to the garage, you will want to look with a white truck. You will see it by the yellow light in the back. Jump into the big truck and activate the event. The NPC appears on the ground floor of the parking garage.

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You will have two waves of enemies to prevent them from appearing in this area. The first wave contains 15 enemies. In the second wave, there will be roughly the same number of enemies, but your primary target will be brutal. Take off the beef and you will receive a key card for your problems. With this card you can get to the 31st floor of Nakatomi Tower and open the Safe.

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