How to complete the Deadbeat Dad Challenge in BitLife

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There is a new weekend and in BitLife this means that there will be a new challenge for players to try and finish before time runs out. The challenge for this week is called the Deadbeat Dad Challenge and you will become one of the worst fathers in the world in this challenge, so we hope you are ready to disappoint your children. In this guide, we will look in detail at how to complete each step of the Deadbeat Dad challenge.

These are all tasks in the Deadbeat Dad Challenge.

  • Become a father
  • You never have a full time job
  • Leave 2+ children from different women
  • Gamble a lot of money
  • Let your home take over
  • Reunited with an alienated child

The first thing you want to make sure you can handle this challenge is to let your character be male. This is because they will have to be men to be considered fathers in BitLife, and we encourage you to start with a whole new character.

You must never have a full-time job for the life of your character. You can do this by never accepting a career or anything with a progressive salary. Of course, you can choose to take a part-time job or even work as a freelancer, but your character can never do real work, otherwise you won’t be able to handle this challenge.

The next step in the challenge is to have two children from different women. You can achieve this by looking for a date and then choosing to date or sleep with someone. No matter, with two different women, you have to have children. When you do, go to the relationship menu and see the child you had with them. Click on the child and there is a possibility to leave him, which means that you will not be a part of his life. However, you should expect to pay child support.

The next step in this challenge is to gamble with a lot of money. The best way to meet these demands is to let your character gamble with money and intentionally lose all the time. If they win, it’s great. It just means that you have access to more money than you can throw away in casinos and end up losing. You want to lose more than you win for the life of your character. We don’t know the exact number you have to hit, but whenever you have the opportunity, sit in the casino and throw away any money you have left from child support.

At some point in your life, you want to buy a house. But don’t worry, you won’t be home for long. Eventually, you will want to let your home take over again. This happens at your character’s home if he takes out a home loan and doesn’t pay the money to the bank. You can do this very quickly by accepting a loan from a bank and then not repaying it. This only has to happen once. If you want to do it fast, get enough money to apply for a mortgage on a house that costs less than $ 50,000, and then you will lose all that money. As soon as you encounter a negative, your home will be removed again.

The last thing you need to do is reconnect with the estranged child. Even if you have left your children, you can try to reunite them in the relationship menu. Reach out to them, give them presents and try to get them back. Eventually it should work and they will take you back into their lives, even if it is temporary.

Once you’ve completed all of these things, you’ll complete the challenge and receive a new skin item for your BitLife account that you can wear on any character.

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