How to complete Noveria: Quarantine in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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When you arrive at Rift Station, a device connected to Peak 15 in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the survivors there defend themselves against the serious threat to Rachni, who attacks them every few hours. They don’t have too many supplies left and several scientists have been infected by the experiment they were working on. Unfortunately, the way to cure it is back in that laboratory, but it is not possible to get to that section. Not without permission.

You will get this task by talking to Dr. Cohenem. You will find it in the medical lobby at Rift Station, one of the rooms connected to the main area.

Talk to Captain Ventralis

After talking to Dr. With Cohen on the scientists, you must return to the entrance to the station and talk to Captain Ventralis. He is the one who goes to the defense. Talk to him and you can convince him to let you go to the quarantined lab. It should not be difficult to ask for and receive a room key.

When you are ready to go for treatment, you can head to the quarantine and barracks next to Medical Bay.

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When you get to the second floor, there will be a guard in front of the door. Let him know the captain sent you. Even if you share that you are a ghost or part of the Alliance army, he will not care. He’ll only let you through with the captain’s orders.

In the room you want to go to the back and communicate with the second console on the table on the right. There you will need to perform a small mini-game to complete the chemical process of creating the treatment. Basically, the bar will fill and you will need to right-click or right-click to stop the bar directly inside the gray lines. If you don’t, you will fail and have to start again. You have to do it four times.

As soon as you finish making the cure, Asari bursts from where they survived with the Geth trio; she was part of Benezai’s entourage and was sent to remove you. You and Geth will have to take her in close proximity. We strongly recommend pausing, using as many abilities as possible, and then hoping for the best. There’s not much coverage.

After you survive, you can now enter the area where Geth came from. It should be to the left of that room. You will be able to watch them and go to Benezia. But before you do, be sure to return to Dr. The Cohens. You will be able to help those who failed the experiment and save their lives before you go to Benezia.

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