How to complete Noveria: Lorik Qui’in in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

After talking to Anoleis, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition meeting is not going so well that it is forcing you to look for an alternative path to the top of Peak 15. Anoleis secretary Gianna Parasini will quietly instruct you to look for Lorik Qui’in. You will find them in the hotel directly opposite the administrative part of the facility. Lorik will be able to help you find your way from here and on your way to the top 15.

Where to find Lorik Qui’in

You must go directly opposite the Anoleis administrative office to the hotel. It’s a direct shot from the starting point. From here, take the lift to the hotel and you should find Lorik directly opposite the hotel. It’s Turian.

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As soon as you talk to Lorik, he will inform you that you two can benefit from the partnership. He has evidence against Anoleis that proves he is dirty, but he hid it well. Unfortunately, Anoleis locked his office, and several guards were looting it right now. He will give you the key to his office and you can get there to clear the guards working for Anoleis. Lorikina’s office name is Synthetic Insights.

Erasing synthetic knowledge

After you finish talking to Lorik, you can move on to Synthetic Insights. It will be on the ground floor, on the same floor as the Anoleis administrative office in the square. When you reach the elevator, turn right and then right again. You will aim to hang out of the device, but stop before reaching this area. There will be a door on the left and you can use Lorik’s key to the office.

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A pair of guards will stop you on the top floor. You can use Charm or Intimidate and tell them to leave. These will be the Paragon and Renegade options, so decide which points you want to earn, depending on the type of Shepard you play.

While those guards let you through the control of a spell or intimidation, the guards around them do not, and become enemy. Take them out and then head to the back of Lorik’s second-floor office.

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After grabbing the evidence, return to the front area and Kaira Stirling and her guards will stop you. Unfortunately, there is no way to escalate the situation, and every route of dialogue will lead to a shootout. Kaira has a few snipers next to her, so we strongly recommend finding shelter as soon as the conversation is over, otherwise you will do a lot of damage soon.

Leave the office and Parasini will be waiting for you. Talk to her and she will ask you to return to the hotel and talk to her before you talk to Lorik. You can choose to ignore Parasini and return directly to Lorik at the hotel. This is a quick way to end the mission and continue on Peak 15, but it doesn’t bring as many experience points or any Paragon and Renegade points you could earn.

By talking to Parasini, he reveals himself as an internal affair and tries to arrest Anoleis. He wants you to persuade Lorik to testify against Anoleis on the executive board, and this evidence can do that.

How to convince Lorik

At this point in the mission, you can make several choices. You can choose to go all the way to the Apostate and return the evidence to Anoleis back in his office and pass the evidence on. Thank you for providing you with a pass and some credits for your inconvenience. At this point, you can also inform Anoleis of Parasini, the office of internal affairs, and force both of them to face each other and kill each other in their office. For those who want to take the most apostate path and it will happen quickly, you can do it. But we strongly recommend that you talk to Lorik first before you do anything else and convince him.

When you talk to Lorik, you tell him he should testify against Anoleis. It infuriates him to tell him that once you have what is his, you can decide how to use it. You will have to pass the spell control or intimidate and depending on how many Paragon or Renegade points you want, you will want to go with the appropriate answer. He agrees if you complete this check.

Now you are free to return to Parasini back to Anoleis’ office and she will arrest him. You will receive a permit shortly afterwards. You can now reach the top 15.

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