How to complete A Very Slow Discovery Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

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Very Slow Discovery will be the first major Pokémon Go event in the Discovery season. It is an event celebrating the debut of Galarian Slowpoke and you can capture this Pokémon in a mobile game. You will have to go out of your way to meet this Pokémon, but it will be worth the effort to develop it into the Galarian Slowbro. Even though there are no shiny versions of Galarian Slowking and Galarian Slowpoke for this event, there is still work to be done. At the Very Slow Discovery Collection Collection Challenge, you have to complete it from June 8 to 13, starting at 10:00 to 20:00, in your local time zone, and capture all the Pokémon on the list.

As in the past, similar challenges in collections must capture all Pokémon from the list during the event. No Pokémon captured before the launch date count. The same goes for trying to develop a Pokémon in another. In order to count, you must catch the Pokémon using the Poké Ball.

Pokémon Pokémon All A Very Slow Discovery Collection

These are all Pokémon that appear in the A Very Slow Discovery’s Collection Challenge that you have to catch.

We will update this section as soon as the event is active, and details how to catch them.

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