How to collect Ether and make a Key Code in Destiny 2 – Splicer Gauntlet Guide

One of the first things the Guardians will have to do in Splicer Destiny 2 is to meet Splicer Guantlet. This is a special item that the player gets to Mithrax after playing the initial mission and talking to him back to the Tower.

The Splicer Gauntlet will collect Ether, which will allow the user to create key codes that will allow access to Conflux Chest deep in the Override. Override is a special type of mission that Guardians can run with 5 other players, and has public matchmaking to make your life easier.

In order to collect Ether, players will need to complete playlist activities, public events, and simply defeat enemies anywhere in the game. This will allow them to automatically collect different amounts of ether.

Ether can then be used to create key code by opening the Quest tab and clicking on the Splicer Gauntlet. There will be a single key code field that players can click on, and all the key codes they can currently generate will be displayed.

Players will be able to access new key codes by raising the level with the Servitor in HELM. Creating a key code will cost 50 ether, and players should start with 100 ether, for a total of two. Then all you have to do is open the Director and click on the Override icon to play in mode.

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