How to chart waypoints in No Man’s Sky

what are the waypoints-not-mans-sky

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As you walk through the galaxies and discover new systems and worlds in No Man’s Sky, you’ll find that you’re interested in the purpose of it all. While there are several types of missions to take on and the overall goal of reaching the center of the galaxy, there is also a much more relaxed goal. Explore each world at your own pace and map each one through different waypoints. In this guide, we will explain how to find these points and what it means to map them.

How to map a waypoint

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To map a waypoint, you only need to access and communicate with it. To find them, you must fly over the surface of a planet or moon and use your ship’s scanner. Any points of interest with a waypoint will appear as an indicator with a white house and a blue outline. Fly to these places and you will see a waypoint.

The interaction prompt will most often say “save”, but occasionally a waypoint will appear that says “waypoint” on it. You will find waypoints scattered throughout the No Man’s Sky universe. They are usually located in any place of interest, and there are several others to help you map entire areas of planets or moons on your journey of discovery and cataloging.

What are waypoints?

what are the waypoints-not-mans-sky
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Waypoints are simple devices that are placed somewhere around every single structure in No Man’s Sky. They usually look like small cylinders that are about half the height of your protagonist. They also have an antenna that protrudes from the top. This version of waypoints includes a “save” prompt.

You can also find waypoints that are huge towers dotted around the planets. They are incredibly tall and have a waypoint challenge. When interacting with this device, it scans the area for emergency beacons nearby and then notifies you of a nearby place or point of interest. This is actually a great way to find crashed ships.

Why should you find and use waypoints?

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Waypoints map a planet or moon. If you want to play as an explorer and fully map a planet, you must use waypoints to discover more and earn more from your discoveries. This is the main reason for using waypoints, and the more you map, the better your explorer position.

In Expedition Pioneers, one of the milestones was to map 50 waypoints in a file for storage. In the event that a milestone reappears in future Expeditions, it is worth knowing how to map them and do so quickly.

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