How to change your Knockout City ID

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Knockout City is a multiplayer game that revolves around dodgeball and is considered chaotic and extremely fun for players. This means that many players are not familiar with the name change process in a multiplatform game. Unlike most games, you cannot change your Knockout City ID (KOID) from within the game and can only be done externally.

Change the city ID of Knockout

Unfortunately, you can’t change your Knockout ID in the game or through the Origin app. Applicants will need to download the EA desktop application or use the official EA website for changing their Knockout City ID.

To change the name using a desktop application, launch the application and select your profile in the upper right corner, then select Edit profile. Change the nickname displayed on the screen to preferred and your Knockout city ID will change automatically. Alternatively, use your account to log in to the official EA website and go to the About Me section. Finally, select Edit and change the ID as needed.

On PC (Origin, Epic and Steam)

Players should be aware that changing the name to Origin will not result in a change of ID in Knockout City. Although this is true for many EA games, we’re not sure why it doesn’t work with Knockout City. In addition, the display name in the game may differ if you purchased the game from Origin, Epic Store or Steam. However, your unique KO ID will always be the official ID of your EA.

On the console (PlayStation, Xbox and Switch)

For PlayStation, Xbox or Switch players, the game displays your ID from the username PSN ID, Gamertag or Nintendo Switch Online. However, just like on a computer, your unique KOID will still be the official ID of your EA and will be used if you are adding friends to play on different platforms.

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