How to change your character’s appearance in Biomutant – Lost Not Found quest

While creating characters in Biomutant will have an interesting effect on what your character looks like, it’s not stone. Everything will affect the overall appearance of your character, such as the breed and statistics you choose, but you don’t have to look like that forever.

To do this, you will need to find a character named Trim, located southeast of Suburb. The suburb is located almost directly south of the Tree. If you talk to Trim at his booth, he will give you a mission called “Lost Not Found”, where you will have to buy a special item from a character named Juju. You can get this item, Barber Clipperfingers, from Juju if you simply select this area in the diary when you select this mission.

Buy Clipperfingers and then return to Trim, who will ask you to complete another quest called The Sputdye Can. For this part you will have to head underground to a nearby bunker. Follow the waypoint to find the Sputdye can, then bring it back to Trim.

From now on, Trim will be able to change your appearance in the game if you visit him in his shop. You will be able to change your coat color and coat pattern.

You won’t be able to change the structure, structure, or shape of your character that was created when you created the character, so you may want to keep this in mind during the creation process.

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