How to change outfits in Genshin Impact

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After a long period of patience and waiting, the clothes finally arrived at Genshin Impact, which gave the players a way to get some skins for their characters. Clothing is limited at the moment, but we expect more to come into play in the future.

If at all, it is surprising that it took so long for the clothes to come into play, because the community had been demanding for some time. So far, it looks like the clothes will arrive as part of special events to add a little deeper to the occasion, which sounds great.

How to change clothes

Changing clothes is easy, all you have to do is open the character screen, select the list for which you want to change clothes, and then open the locker room by pressing the challenge button in the bottom corner. On the PlayStation, this is done by pressing the R3 button, but this will vary from platform to platform.

On the next screen, you will have a choice between gliders and outfits if the character has alternative outfits in which he can change.

How to Get All Alternative Clothing in Genshin Impact

At the moment, other clothes are limited to just two figures and both are summer summer clothes.

  • Barbara – Summertime Sparkle
  • Jean – Sea Breeze Dandelion

As more clothing is added to the game, we will expand the list above. As of update 1.6, there are only two outfits in the game.

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