How to change frequency of narrator and gibberish in Biomutant

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The biomutant has a unique feature that tells the narrator to describe your journey to you, and although his voice sounds great, his performance often seems forced or repetitive. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce the frequency of how much he says during the game, along with the chatter of other characters.

How to silence the narrator

Screenshot by gameerror

If you have enough Englishmen who say critical action over and over again, you have a chance. Pause the game and press the right launcher (or click) to switch to the sound menu. From there, scroll down to the frequency tab. Below is a scroller that allows you to reduce the narrator’s bragging to 0 or up to 100. You can also do this with nonsense from NPCs. Be aware that this does not affect movie scenes, because the narrator translates what each character in Biomutant says.

Why would we suggest not to postpone it completely

The narrator, although frustrating in parts, can provide you with interesting pieces of tradition as you explore the world. It can give you the context you need to move forward. Aidan O’Brien, in his review of Biomutant for gameerror, said: “Constant storytelling is enchanting and grounding players in the story, even though it’s been two hours since they did anything remotely related to the story.” of this article, you should reduce it to 15-20 rather than the default value of 50 as a compromise.

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