How to catch a West Sea Shellos during Ultra Unlock 2021 Part 2: Space in Pokémon Go

Image by way of Niantic

There are two variations of Shellos, a West Sea and East Sea one, the previous being pink, after which the other being blue. You can seize each variations in Pokémon Go, however they’re restricted to totally different hemispheres. During the Ultra Unlock 2021 Part 2: Space occasion, these variations seem worldwide, giving trainers the prospect to add them to their assortment. This information particulars all of the methods you’ll be able to catch a West Sea Shellos during Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space occasion in Pokémon Go.

There are only two strategies you want to fear about when looking this Pokémon. First, it’s only going to be spawning in one-star raids, after which the other manner it would seem might be in 7km eggs. These should not the worst strategies, however the 7km egg one will be a little difficult for gamers who would possibly battle with finding a one-star raid that includes this Pokémon or should not in utilizing a raid cross on it.

You can add 7km eggs to your stock by receiving them from associates. They’re going to be inside presents, however the probability of hatching a West Sea Shellos might be troublesome due to the other Pokémon that would hatch from it. So it’s a good concept to have one energetic in an egg incubator whilst you’re out trying to find a one-star raid. Potentially, one other coach might provide to commerce you one in all these Pokémon. Outside of those strategies, West Sea Shellos received’t be spawning in the wild during the occasion, so it can save you your incense and lures on attempting to discover it wandering the world.

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