How to calm down Wrex on Virmire in Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Wrex and the Genophage

When you touch Virmire on a critical mission for the Council in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you discover a Salarian team that oversees the research base Saren is working on. The team leader, Captain Kirrah, describes in detail that Saren has created a cure for Genophage, an incurable genetic disease that prevents Krogan from having children so often because they reproduce incredibly fast. Wrex, a teammate from the Krogan team on your team, believes this is a good thing, while everyone else wants to destroy the device. He leaves angry and is not satisfied with how the lines were drawn. You can go with him and talk to him, but if something goes wrong, he doesn’t have to leave.

How to calm Wrex

At this point, Wrex can be calmed in two ways. The best way to make sure you never fail at this point is to get Wrex family armor before you leave for Virimire. When you reach the planet, you will not be able to go after this armor. When you give Wrex armor and this dialog tree appears, no spell check or intimidation will be performed. Wrex will be able to work with Shepard enough to trust them.

Alternatively, if you don’t grab Wrex’s family armor, you’ll need to increase your spell enough or intimidate enough to gain a dialogue that will calm him down. You can do this if you have a tall enough Paragon or Renegade Shepard. Depending on the type of Shepard you play, you choose the top or bottom option. You will need at least eight points in Charm or Intimidate to complete this check.

Other, worse options include having Shepard personally kill Wrex in this situation, or signaling Ashley to remove Wrex if he’s not listening. Killing Wrex will ensure that he is dead and will not appear in Mass Effect 2 or 3.

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