How to bury dead bodies in Going Medieval

how to bury bodies at an ongoing medeival

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If you play Going Medieval in one of two raid-enabled modes, dead bodies will quickly become a problem. Eventually, whether the raider kills someone or you manage to repel the raiders, but you don’t greet everyone soon enough, the villager will die. In this guide, we will explain how to bury dead bodies, because the game does not make it clear and the punishment for this is devastating.

How to bury dead bodies

how to bury bodies at an ongoing medeival
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The first thing you need to do is build a grave from the Miscellaneous menu. It doesn’t matter where you place it, but we think it’s best to find it somewhere alone. Make sure there is plenty of room in it to fill the area with all the bodies that come from your play.

Once you have erected the grave, select the body and remove the forbidden state from it. This will allow you to move. Now choose a villager. Ideally, someone in a good mood right-clicks on the body and lets them prioritize a funeral. This will cause the villager to bury this body in front of anything else. When the body has been buried, they will return to what they did before, according to their plan.

You can also get rid of the body using the border. You will have to build one first, then assign production to it, as in the case of research. You will need to choose how many bodies you want to burn, so make sure you know how many you need to get rid of before you do.

Finally, there is the possibility of eating the body. You can change the type of village food to cannibalism and have it chewed by anyone who falls after each battle. We do not recommend this because it has detrimental effects on everyone else in your settlement.

Why should you bury dead bodies?

Dead bodies have a big effect on the mood of your villagers. Seeing them will put them in the mood of six points. If the dead body is someone they knew, one of your own villagers murdered in the raid, then the sentence will fire to a double-digit number. The punishment will be applied every time a villager is forced to look at the body. The longer you leave it, the greater the punishment.

Bury all bodies as soon as possible. To prepare for this, you can build more than one grave at a time. If you do so, you will be able to use one villager to quickly bury each dead body after an attack, regardless of whether they are dead villagers or dead raiders.

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