How to build the Ventkids’ Bash Lab in Warframe

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Bash Lab is a new research room that players can build in their Dojo, and was introduced in the Sisters of Parvos update. The current use of the Bash Lab is only to create components for Yareli.

After downloading the update, you can create a Bash Lab immediately. Join the Dojo clan and find a door you can build. In the search bar, find “Bash Lab” and then click on it. Bash Lab requires the construction of Tenno Lab, 2 Capacity and 5 Energy. However, you will also need the following resources, depending on the size of the clan, which will change.

  • 1000 credits
  • 450 ferrite
  • 250 circuits
  • 100 thermal cal
  • 1 Form

The above resource costs apply to the smallest clans. The usual multipliers affect large clans:

  • Ghost – x1
  • Shadow – x3
  • Storm – x10
  • Hour – x30
  • Moon – x100

Once the Bash Lab is built, go to the console at the right back of the room and communicate with it to find ways to create Yareli component plans.

This guide is under construction.

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