How to become the King of England in BitLife

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There are many professions and occupations in BitLife that your character can choose from. Some of them are more famous than others, for example they have become King of England. Getting this title is not an easy task and comes with a little luck, which could be problematic for some players. Here’s a breakdown of how you can become King of England in BitLife.

The best way to do this effectively is to have your male character born in England and a member of the royal family. If you didn’t pay for God Mode in BitLife, it means you’ll have to constantly remake the male character until all these things are straightened out, which can take quite some time, but it’s the best way to make sure you can achieve that. Once your male character is born into a royal family and your father is the King of England, you can go.

When you are the Prince of England for your father, you want to make sure that you are the eldest son your family has, so that you will inherit everything when your father passes. Sometimes removing them is the best way or having the highest relationship with your father if you have any siblings. Then when your father dies and you are your father’s eldest son, you will inherit the throne.

However, this process can take quite a long time and take forever. Sometimes it’s better for you to try to kill your father with poison or another insidious method that you think is a good way to remove him without anyone noticing. If you had to do it at a young age, you could get out of it much better than if your character were older.

The real trick is to let your male character be born into a royal family when you are growing up in England. Before that happens, you’ll have to go through several iterations and repetitions, so patience is key.

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