How to become an underboss in the mafia in BitLife

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The underboss in the mafia reports directly to the head of the family and ensures that everyone under them works well, that things work smoothly. This is a difficult job and for some it may be even more difficult to get this position in BitLife. To get this assessment, you need to gain the trust of your family and make sure that you are supported by several members and the boss. It will take you several years to reach this rank, so don’t expect it to happen immediately.

When you become a member of the mafia, you spend a lot of time humbly working for your family. Above all, you would like to complete the crimes to make money for your family, with the most profitable ones focusing on forcing businesses to work with you and providing you with money for protection. Grand Theft Auto is another good crime, train robbery or bank hunt. These are all effective ways to earn an income for your mob family.

You also want to make sure that you do not reach out to members of your mob family and become too friendly with them. A family member who is too friendly is often considered a rat and everything can get worse for you. It is better to wait until the members of the mafia approach you to become friends with them, and even then you have to be careful if they are rats. Eventually, you can gain the respect of the mob boss and you will slowly work your way up the ladder. The best way to increase your position is to make more money and effectively increase the reputation of the mob family.

Eventually, you will be asked to become an underboss. From there, you become a member of the mafia, giving orders to everyone in the family, and basically managing things so that the mafia boss can enjoy the benefits of your hard work. You will also want to focus on this position soon.

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