How to beat the Jumbo Puff boss fight in Biomutant

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Jumbo Puff is one of the Worldeaters in Biomutant, a huge creature whose purpose is to destroy the tree that protects the world. Players will have to take on this big boss, but it’s hardly a fair fight. The first thing they will have to do is make sure they have a Mekton robot, otherwise they would have a bad time against this boss.

When they arrive in the area, Jumbo Puff jumps off the root and starts smashing buildings and firing fireballs at them. Always avoid them and hit the Jumbo Puff with your Mekton cannon. You want to keep your distance and just work it out. It is unlikely that Mekton will get close enough to attack at close range. It’s a good idea to keep some buildings between you and your boss and limit fire to help keep you safe.

After losing sufficient health, the boss becomes invulnerable, jumps back to the root and rains huge stones at you. Focus on avoiding this with a Mecton dash, which is the same as your dash when you walk. When the Jumbo Puff jumps back to the ground, it will try to suck in your mouth and you will have to use the Sqvips Kannon by pressing the left trigger on the remote control.

This shoots one of the hairy creatures into the mouth of the Jumbo Puffs, giving him a reason to stop trying on each of you for a while. Start firing the creature again, and when it is reduced to two-thirds of its health, it grabs the power line and starts using it as a whip. It’s easy to avoid if you run to the right, so keep going and shoot. After a while, Jumbo Puff jumps to the root again and starts throwing stones at you, so keep avoiding.

He jumps down to the ground again and tries to suck you up, so stop him with Sqvips and continue firing. When he reaches one third of his health, a small cutscene will play. Jumbo Puff grabs you and shakes Mekton and swallows you.

You will end up in the animal’s abdomen and you will have to climb the knots on the wall into a small tunnel. Run into the tunnel, avoid liquids running down it, and you’ll see the creature’s heart on the left. Damage the heart by removing any smaller creatures that attack and avoid fluids.

If it hits you in the stomach, simply climb up and out and then continue to damage the heart until the creature is dead. When you finish releasing the medical stick, you will spit back and the Jumbo Puff will fall dead.

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