How to beat the Die-Brarian in Psychonauts 2

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When you get to Cassie’s Collection in Psychonauts 2, you will work to cross one of the archetypes for Psychonauts. After assembling the parts of the writer, teacher, and forger in Cassia’s brain, you will unite and receive the librarian Cassie, who considers herself a real Cassie and rules the mind. When you confront her, she turns into a Die-Brarian. Here’s how to beat it.

Before we begin, we recommend that your skills be equipped with telekinesis, pyrokinesis, projection, and Psi-Blast. Obviously choose what you feel most comfortable in, but the projection will be a must to win this fight.

When the fight with Die-Brarian begins, he summons some activators and censors. Kill the activators first and then remove the censors. We like to light them and then hit them with Dog-Blast when they run away. When you knock them out, the boss shoots B at you, so avoid them.

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Eventually, the boss starts shaking the arena and causes things to fall from above. Avoid the shadows so that no debris falls on you. Here it is important to keep in mind that there will be many items on the ground that you can pick up using Telekinesis. Use it as your ammo and shell it with everything you get. Psi-Blast will also damage it, so if you have a hole, send it a few shots.

Eventually, writer Cassie throws a pen into the arena. These items that fit will do a lot of damage, so be sure to use them. As soon as Die-Brarian suffers sufficient damage, she will be eliminated for a moment.

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When he’s on the ground, run, pull out your archetype, and send it to Die-Brarian’s mouth. The short cutscene plays with the Writer, who partially takes over the boss’s body.

For the second phase comes more activators and larger censors. Same story here, first remove the activators, then focus on the censors and watch out for attack B and the ceiling. Teacher Cassie will also throw you a ruler on the field, so be careful.

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Die-Brarian also has a new move at this stage, where he will push you and try to throw you out of the arena. Just run back on it and use the rollers to distance yourself from the edge. Also, if you’re lucky, you can find items in the field like a bottle of ink to keep you from moving back, and you can throw things at her all the time while she’s doing it.

Get her health far enough and she will be amazed again. Resubmit your archetype and Teacher will join the Writer inside.

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Phase three will bring more of what you’ve seen, more activators and bigger censors to kill while avoiding the ceiling attack and B. The difference is that it will call in reinforcements more often and connect them to your attacks, so you be sure to take activators and censors so you won’t be overwhelmed. Make sure the fake Cassie throws a sharp object to take away a huge chunk of her health.

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Once the Die-Brarians’ health is exhausted, it will fall once more. Send your archetype once more to complete the fight and clear Cassia’s collection.

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