How to add friends in Brawlhalla

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The free-to-play fighter on the Brawlhalla platform makes it quite difficult to play with friends. You can have players from other consoles connect to you via a numeric code in the game, but there is currently no way to add them to your dedicated list. However, this can be done with players on the same platform as you. Here are some steps that will guide you on your way to fighting your friends.

Establish a lobby and invite friends

Screenshot by gameerror

Unfortunately, there is no way to add friends from other systems directly from the menu. Start a new custom game room, create a room and make it private. Then look for the numbered code above; in the picture above we have highlighted it in red. It should say something similar to “Room US-W # 125497”, but instead with your region. Take this number and send it to your friends via direct message on Discord or your preferred messaging platform. Then they should go to their own game room and choose Connect Room. They will then ask you for the code you kindly provided.

How to add your friend if he is in the same system as you

A list of players appears on the left side of the screen. Scroll down to your friend’s profile and select View Profile. The Steam, PlayStation Network, or Xbox player account appears, depending on the console you’re on. Add them and you’re on your way. You can also access the profile on the results screen. This is useful if you want to compete with a random player in casual and rated modes. Unfortunately, if you are on different consoles, it will not appear.

But what if you’re on different consoles?

Unfortunately, Brawlhalla takes his list of players from the console you play on, because the game does not have its own system of friends. It’s not like Fortnite, which has an Epic account connected to it and allows you to add any friend from any console to the reserved list. However, you can still invite your friends through the lobby system to play wherever they fight, as cross-play is allowed on all available Brawlhalla platforms.

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