How the L-Star works in Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence

L-Star season 10

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From the beginning of Apex Legends, the L-Star is strange among other weapons. L-Star was introduced in Season 2: Battle Charge as a Care Package weapon and was eventually brought to ground loot in Season 4: Assimilation. Because it was in ground prey, it was the only energy weapon that did not take an extended energy magazine because the weapon does not need to be recharged, and instead overheats and must cool if used for too long. While the mechanic himself has not changed, the equipment has changed. Let’s take a look at all the major changes, Season 10: Emergence brought by L-Star.

Kit changes

L-Star will now have four attachments. instead of his former skinny two. The standard stock and any optical suitable for LMG will still be part of the kit as usual, but you will also be able to equip and barrel stabilizer to reduce recoil and extended energy storage instead of adding to the ammo in the round, it will allow the L-Star to shoot longer before overheating. This buff will also consist of Rampart’s passive. Hop-Up for L-Star still does not exist.

Overview of L-Star options

  • Barrel stabilizer
  • Extended Energy Magazine
  • LMG optics
  • Standard warehouse

Hipfire Nerf

Due to the buff kit, a slight nerf enters the weapon itself, which increases the spread of the hipfire. However, this is not the end of the world, especially if you play a medium range weapon and use Aim Down Sights (ADS) most of the time.

Visual changes

The scale of energy visual effects has been tightened and reduced by 50% for clarity and readability. The impact effect was also reduced.

These changes will change the meta in terms of how useful the weapon is though. With a nerfed hipfire it may not be as viable in early play, but with all of these new set options there is a much more viable late game to end the game weapon.

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