How Special Trades work in Pokémon Go

When trading with another player in Pokémon Go, you must be two decently close to each other. Once you do, you will also need to have a good amount of Stardust to trade. Values ​​can accumulate quickly if you and another player don’t have the highest friend stats, but players you actively play Pokémon Go give you the best deals. A coach who is your best friend gives you much better opportunities to trade Stardust compared to another player who is only a good friend with you. Although values ​​don’t matter much for specialty stores, they are unique. In this guide, we’ll explain in detail how Special Trades work in Pokémon Go and what a special trade does.

A special Pokémon Go deal happens when you try to exchange a legendary Pokémon, a shiny Pokémon, a Pokémon that is not in the player’s inventory. These trades cost the same amount as any other Pokémon Go player trade, but you can make them once a day. If you want to exchange several legendary Pokémon with another player, you will have to wait all day between trades before you can make another. This is true for each player, so if you exchange one person for the legendary Pokémon, you cannot exchange another person for the legendary Pokémon. The cooldown applies to every person you try to trade in Pokémon Go.

When trading a shiny or legendary Pokémon with another trainer, Stardust’s values ​​are extremely high. They are even higher if the person you are trading with has not encountered this Pokémon in the wild and does not have them in their Pokédex. If you are trying to keep up with your Stardust costs, we strongly recommend that you increase your friendship with this player before confirming the deal.

For example, a Good Friend player who exchanges a legendary Pokémon can cost you 20,000 Stardust, which is the one you registered in your Pokédex. If it was unregistered and new to you, it would be 1,000,000 Stardust. When a best friend player exchanges a registered legend with you, it only costs 800, and if it’s new, it costs 40,000. The values ​​are much lower, and it’s worth raising your friend’s level before making these high-value trades.

In some cases, Niantic will lift the special trade limit and allow all players to access six special trades per day. You will want to check out the Pokémon Go twitter page to see promotions or upcoming major events where they may occur.

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