How research works in Going Medieval

You want to develop as many technologies as possible that will make your life easier in Going Medieval. You will not be able to create impressive technologies such as electricity or robots. You can still make better food, improved beds, durable armor and even better weapons to defend your settlement or to hunt. Increasing the technology of your settlement comes from research and you can do it from a research table.

You can build a basic reconnaissance table whenever you want in the game, but we recommend doing so sooner rather than later. You can also build it anywhere on the map, but you want to bring it closer to your home and you want to build it inside a room with suitable walls and a roof. If the research table is not in the room or in the room, the villager you are researching will get the research at a reduced speed than he normally could.

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The next step is to assign the villager to research and make it a priority. This can be done on the “Tasks” tab in the upper left corner of the screen. You want to make sure that the “research” category for that villager is set to “1”, while everything is less than that. This way, whenever they are going to work on something, they immediately go to the research table and start researching for you.

While at the research table, your village will create piles of chronicles. These stacks are basically your research points and you use them to research anything in your technology. Tree. To invest in technology, you need a certain amount of piles of chronicles, but you have to keep them safe because they are a real object. You want them to keep them in your storage space, under the roof and surrounded by piles where they are dry and safe. If they are omitted in the elements, they will fall apart and you will lose those points.

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Watch out for your piles of chronicles and eventually you will be able to build a library where your villager can happily examine the contents of his heart.

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