How long does it take to beat Elden Ring?

Elden Ring

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After the Elden Ring was officially unveiled on E3 2021, with an honest game trailer and everything, players immediately began trying to search the Internet for every piece of information they could find. One of the burning questions people have about the upcoming FromSoftware game is how long will it take to beat it?

According to Hidetak Miyazaki, the main character of FromSoft and the mind between the Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro and now Elden Ring series, the title will take about 30 hours to complete without too many “side quests”.

Elden Ring is something like an open world game and the six different areas that make up this game are full of all sorts of distractions and reasons to explore. In fact, according to Miyazaki, they reduced crash damage in the game compared to FromSoft’s previous efforts to support exploration.

We currently consider that 30 hours to be a rough estimate for someone who focuses on the story and who knows what he is doing. We also assume that there is a certain level of familiarity with the bosses, the difficulties and the challenges that people who are new to the game simply will not have.

As we approach the release and learn more about Elden Ring, we’ll be sure to explore how long it will take, but so far it’s all available information.

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