How FOF Path to Glory cards work in FIFA 21

The FIFA 21 Team Season promo is over, and on June 11, EA Sports and the FIFA 21 Team begin summer with a bang. The developer has launched a new promo in the Football Ultimate Team called Festival FUTball (FoF) Path to Glory. Not only will these cards look different, but these items can also be upgraded. Here’s an example of how the upgrade works.

EA Sports yes stated that the players who receive FoF Path to Glory cards have represented their national team at least once during their career. This includes any performance by a youth or national league.

Each FoF Path to Glory card is eligible for an upgrade if that player’s international team plays next month. From June 11 to July 16, these players can receive the following upgrades depending on whether their country wins:

  • 3 wins – upgrade +2 OVR
  • 4 wins – another upgrade +1 OVR
  • 5 wins – another upgrade +1 OVR
  • 6 wins – 5 * / 5 * weak leg / skill improvements

With Euro 2020 starting on June 11, along with international events in the next few weeks, many new cards to be issued in the near future should be ready for upgrade.

If a player’s international team hits one of these indicators, the oldest is that the card will receive support the following Friday on EA. Improvements can take up to 72 hours to appear for a player item.

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