How does the Press Turn system work in Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster?

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster

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The original Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne debuted with the Press Turn system, which would become a stamp battle system for this franchise. Naturally, this is the system that HD Remaster uses. It’s simple but complex and offers countless strategic options for players to the best powerful enemies. However, novice players can be amazed by its depth, so it is important to understand and master the basics of the system.


In the early games of Megami Tensei, the player set all the orders for the party. Once the round begins, allies and enemies perform their actions based on speed statistics. But Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne was inspired by Majin Tensei and uses a fighting style with everyone – first the whole player side plays and then the enemy side. However, the introduction of the Press Turn fundamentally changed the way the battle took place.

In the Press Turn system, you start with the same number of moves, which corresponds to the number of party members, to a maximum of four. Of course, the same goes for enemies, except that they have a higher upper limit. Each time a party member successfully targets a weakness or reaches a critical hit, you get a bonus half turn (more about the difference between a full and a half turn later), with a maximum of eight total moves. This allows players to completely eradicate enemy encounters, inflict significant damage on the boss, heal and buff, or debuff everything before the opposition gains a single move. Conversely, the enemy can do the same to you.

Intermediate knowledge

Just as you can gain turnovers as a reward for success, you can also be punished for bad decisions and bad luck by losing moves. If the enemy cancels or avoids the attack, you will lose two turns. And if the enemy absorbs or repels the attack, you lose them all. You will also lose turn if you fail to negotiate demons in any way. As a result, skills that increase and decrease the number of escapes / escapes are particularly valuable, as they can give both sides complete control over the course of the fight. In other words, buffs and debuffs are essential to influencing and mastering the Press Turn.

It’s also important to realize that exploiting weaknesses and landing critical hits is the only way a player can get Press Turns. However, in the actual cheating of AI mode, there are several skills that enemies can use to increase their moves – such as Beast Eye, Dragon Eye, Hell Throttle and Startle. When it comes to shooting down these insidious enemies, it’s best to make sure they have as few turns as possible.

Advanced tips

The difference between a full and a half move comes into play when one jumps. Even something like skipping corners is of strategic importance in Nocturne. Sometimes a demon simply has nothing useful to do and letting them act would be a waste of a move, or maybe skipping a move can now be an investment in a later setup that gives you more moves and allows the daemon to perform the necessary steps freely. If you have a full turn, it will change to a half turn, which can be used without further waste. However, if you jump half a turn, then this turn is gone. Therefore, players must skip their move wisely and plan ahead.

Finally, remember that if you attack more enemies at all, the worst result will always take precedence, then the best result. For example, if you attack three enemies with ice skill and two enemies are weak, while the third bounces off, the player still loses all his turns. However, if you have the same settings, but the last enemy suffers normal damage from ice skill, you will get Press Press. Losing a Press Turn is not even cumulative, so if you target three enemies and avoid two, you will still lose only two spins.

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