How does the new Teamfight Tactics Draconic trait work?

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With the start of next season, Teamfight Tactics will focus its meta with a number of mechanical changes, champion improvements and new features. One of these new features is Draconian: A brand new and somewhat unique trait of origin, the effective use of which requires patience.

The draconian property has nothing to do with previous similarly named properties, such as Dragon and Dragonsoul. Instead of giving your champions passive buffs, Draconic introduces a whole new mechanic. After each round of playing with an active draconic sign, a dragon egg will appear on your bench. These eggs hatch after a few more rounds and form either a draconian champion or “something else” – we don’t know what it can be.

At this stage, we can do something about the new features. Draconic is a feature that requires work as well as time and space on the bench. This is a slow-set feature that rewards players with great benefits, but only if they are patient enough to see it. We can see that Draconic is a good feature to invest in when you have already committed to a series of losses.

It’s also a safe bet that Draconic will be something you build around, rather than something you can simply attach to any composition like a Siphoner. This is because the eggs created by the character will produce more draconian champions, which will ensure that you end up getting 3-star draconian champions.

Draconian champions

While we don’t know for sure which Teamfight Tactics champions will get a draconian trait, it’s a safe bet that Shyvana and Aurelion Sol will have, as well as in terms of tradition. However, in the past, Riot has given dragon-themed features to unexpected champions such as Tristana, so we can’t be sure yet who else might get a draconian feature.

The new season of Teamfight Tactics, Reckoning, begins on April 28 with a fix on 11.9. As the game becomes available in the game, this guide will be updated with new information.

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