How Avenge works in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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Along with the restoration on August 31 and the reset of the Hearthstone Battlegrounds leaderboard, the keyword is “Avenge”. Not to be confused with Paladin’s “Avenge” secret, this new keyword will cause the minion to activate the effect after (X) friendly minions have died during combat. For example, the new “Bird Buddy” card has Avenge (1), which means that after one friendly minion dies during a fight, it takes effect – which in this case gives all your animals + 1 / +1 on board. Avenge cards can also be run multiple times, which means that the correct placement will be extremely important to squeeze the most value out of this new effect.

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Including Bird Buddy, the nine new cards will contain the keyword Avenge, from Avenge (1) to Avenge (5). Avenge offers support for Beasts, Elementals, Pirates, Murlocs, Demons and Mechs, especially with the exception of Dragons. One Avenge card, Palescale Crocolisk, even shares its effect between Avenge and Deathrattle. For this reason, we can assume that Avenge is likely to interact with multiple keywords in the future. It is important to note that because this keyword depends on the death of friendly minions, the lowest Tavern Tier Avenge card is Tavern Tier three.

This is almost certainly because whenever you can reach Level 3 Tavern, you probably won’t have enough minions on board to even trigger the Avenge effect, which generally means that Avenge cards are designed to carry you from the middle. -Game into late game in a similar way to Battlecry minions, which provide permanent buffs.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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