How active rolls work in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Whenever you try to open a lock or try to perform a specific skill check in Baldur’s Gate 3, you want to use the best character in your group who can handle this challenge. For example, to unlock a door, a character with the highest skill and dexterity in the lock will stand against it. But even if they are the best choice, they may not complete the inspection. With an active scrolling system, all your characters can benefit from using a special ability or spell that will increase their chances. You can also use the ability or spell of another character on your part.

The active cylinder system adds two tabs under your cube. Just before you are about to perform a skill check, you can browse and choose from the various abilities that a character or your other party members can use to increase the active character’s chances of success in the throw.

The available skills and abilities that you can use during character control are entirely up to your party members. If they don’t have any, unfortunately you will hope that the dice fit in your favor. But if you have them, you will see the bonuses that the character gets for the last dice. These modifiers are also rolls of dice, such as a mage party member who rolls a role on the active character. The bonus can be beneficial, or it can add only one or two points to the final total. There is a chance of failure, but you have a much greater influence on these skill checks.

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You also want to be careful when using your character’s spells during these throws. When a character uses a spell while controlling a character, it uses the magic user’s magic slot, which means that it will have to restore a short or long rest.

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