Hood: Outlaws & Legends beginner guide – tips and tricks to get you started

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Hood: Outlaws & Legends, a tactical robbery shooter from Sumo Digital, is coming tonight. When players come to the fore in this very unusual PvPvE game, there will be something to learn. This guide will help you balance the learning curve and guide you through the basics of Hood: Outlaws & Legends.


The secret is naturally the key to a successful robbery. Quiet movement and staying out of the enemy’s field of view will allow you to quickly reach and capture targets and stop immediate executions of AI guards who stand in your way. When the guards notice you, they will lock the area where you are, the gates will fall and the gates will be on high alert. Even worse, it will also mark you on everyone on the enemy team and allow you to follow you until you regain secret.

In some situations, it is worth warning the guards to catch an enemy player and separate him from his team, or to draw attention to themselves and give their team some breathing room.


The big E in Hood’s PvE is the sheriff. This formidable enemy of AI is very dangerous, but players must communicate with him if they want to win. At the beginning of the match, he is constantly moving along a fixed route, which is marked on the map. Players who do not identify with the sheriff can steal the key to the safe. This notifies the enemy team that the key has been taken, but does not automatically reveal the player who took it.

The sheriff moves slowly but is completely indestructible and immediately guides players who get too close.


Working with your teammates is the way they win Hood: Outlaws & Legends matches. However, this does not necessarily mean moving together as one big happy family. In fact, in almost all situations, it is best to split into two or three separate units so that more land can be covered quickly. This is where the game tagging system comes into play. Whenever any player marks a map object – such as a supply field or a closed gate – his teammates can also see it. This includes marking enemy players and the sheriff. When Robin marks someone, his team keeps seeing the target longer, which offers a great way to track enemy players without warning them.

If you decide to play as one of the characters supporting tank-slash from Hood: Outlaws & Legends, be aware that this choice comes with certain responsibilities. Tooke and John are the literal bearers of their team: they can carry their chests faster than other characters, so they have the dubious honor of winning the prize. John is also the only character who can open the closed gates of the trapdoor.


Hood: Outlaws & Legends made you fight other players and guards both at a distance and at close range. Long-distance combat is straightforward: make sure you’re still supplied with arrows and still clicking on your heads. Melee combat uses resources of endurance and requires a more brain approach. If you run out of stamina without killing or beating, you’ll have trouble.

Each character in the game can either bounce or dodge – not both. Dodging allows you to get out of the way and quickly avoid melee attacks, but does not protect you from ranged attacks. Bounce can bounce near and arrow hits, but must be timed well. If it is timed perfectly, it knocks the attackers close to the ground and leaves them open.

It’s not a race

Every successful action in Hood: Outlaws & Legends awards points to the final score, and sometimes the most effective strategy is not to rush to steal your chest. In fact, it can often be worthwhile to let the whole team do the whole job. You can spend this time exploring the map, securing favorable spawn points, and picking up enemies while trying to get major targets. Reactive strategies like this one lose bonus points for finding the key and raising the chest for the first time, but they can place you better to win the final game and eventually steal it.

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