Hitman 3 Season of Pride roadmap revealed, watch the trailer here

Hitman 3 Season of Pride has been unveiled, watch the trailer here

Hitman 3The incursion into the seven deadly sins continues this week, and Agent 47 confidently walks into Season of pride – and IO Interactive has released a plan that tells us what we can expect from this new content.

Last week, Season of Pride is the second installment of Hitman 3’s Seven Deadly Sins DLC to re-expand the world of all popular skinhead killers.

The Pride season begins on May 10 and promises a new Elusive Goal, the return of Recommended Contracts created by the Hitman community and new weapons and equipment. Take a look at the trailer below for a quick overview of what’s coming in the new update.

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Once Season of Pride lands, you’ll be able to get your coveted hands on The Proud Swashbuckler, The Majestic and the Narcissus Suit – all new beauty items that can be unlocked by playing Pride Profusion Escalation “where you’ll be confronted with different challenges, depending on which choice. you will do … “

It all starts with you obviously locating the “peacock” as apt.

Iconoclast will be an elusive target for this set of DLCs and will fall to Mendoza on May 12.

“We start this one a little earlier than usual, but we’ll also give you more time to play it,” said the developer. “For 12 days, you will have one chance to infiltrate Mendoza and eliminate The Iconoclast.” Once you update the game, you will see a countdown clock for their exact arrival time, which is already live in the game. We’ll also check to see if they’re leaving as scheduled. “

You’ll also be able to play in Paris for free between May 28 and June 6, giving you the chance to enjoy the premiere setup of the first game if you’ve never tried it before – and you’ll be able to hunt for the second Elusive Target of the Season (“Black Hat Hacker hobby in a certain Alabama pit ”), even if you are there as well.

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Here is a brief summary of everything that arrives in Season of Pride:

  • Act 2: Pride / Seven Deadly Sins DLC
  • Sebastian’s principle / escalation of teaching
  • Pasqual Consortium / Escalation
  • The Iconoclast (Mendoza) / An elusive target
  • Place on me / Recommended contracts
  • The Black Hat (Paris) / Elusive Target
  • Hitman Community / Selected Contracts
  • Place of rotation: Paris
  • Location rotation: Sapienza (icon)

Eventually, at the end of the season of greed – and before the season of sin – you will be able to download another major game update. From June 14, the game will be ready for even more new content next month.

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