Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Black Hat Silent Assassin guide


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Black Hat is an elusive target that was first introduced in Hitman 2. The mission is now alive in Hitman 3 in the Paris location from the original game. In this mission, your task is to remove a hacker who was contractually obliged to carry out a high-level hack during a fashion show. There is no known picture of the goal, which makes it a much more challenging Elusive goal than previous businesses like The Iconoclast. This guide will cover how to kill your target and complete the mission in the rank of Silent Assassin.

Warning of an elusive target

Before we go any further, it is important to realize that you only have one chance to complete this mission. Once you start, you will receive a warning telling you that once you start completing targets, such as killing a target, you will not be able to restart. We recommend following our route several times without killing the destination. Reach each point and then head east to get an idea of ​​the most difficult points on the map. Once you feel comfortable, you can really embark on a mission.


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This route has a specific load with it. Do not equip any type of pistol first. There is a reason for this, which you will understand later. All you have to take is a briefcase and it doesn’t matter which one, coins and a modern deadly syringe. Once you equip them, you can start the mission. The starting point will be outside the red carpet on the red carpet.

Step 1: Get an invitation

From the starting position, go towards the main entrance. Take your modern lethal syringe out of the case, as it will save you time later. When entering, you must go through the opening to the right of the stairs. Once you pass, turn right and take the door, then turn right and take the first door again as if you were turning back on yourself. As you walk through the other door, you will see one door to the bathroom.

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Go inside the bathroom and pick up the invitation. That’s what we need so we can get upstairs without being suspicious.

Step 2: Up the stairs

You have to go out with an invitation in hand. Go straight from the bathroom, right again and then to the door on the left at the end of the hall. This leads to the bar and from there you can run out onto the terrace.

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Head down from the terrace and around the area until you reach the door that leads back inside. This door is guarded, but you will be able to walk through it with your invitation in hand.

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When you enter, turn right when you reach the guard at the end of the hall. You will see a staircase with two other guards. To get to the top, you need to show your invitation again.

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When you come upstairs, you will see another staircase. Yes, we go up there too. However, this is a fast zone. If you’ve caught anything the guards might suspect, throw it away before you get on your nerves. This is also where the guards check your briefcase, so make sure you also remove the modern deadly syringe.

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Step 3: Attic

At the top of the stairs, you must go through the door behind the NPC staff on the left. This is a crossing zone, so make sure you are not spotted or caught. Walk through the attic to the first guard standing by the window.

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This area is a maze, so we’ve provided a link to this guard’s map below.

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Take the guard with the briefcase. Take the disguise and the guard’s weapon, then pull out your briefcase. Now you have to head to the table nearby and pick up the key.

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Take the door to the right and then go left once you are in the next room. You will scroll through several sheets that hang down and block your view.

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There are two enforcers in the next room. If you’re not careful, these guards will inspect your disguises. You have to hide around the statue in this area and wait for the bald NPC to leave. Move around the statue so that no one can see you. Once the bald enforcer disappears, wait for the other guard to look away. Once he does, throw a briefcase or key on him to conquer him. Leave his body and everything else where it fell.

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When a bald NPC enters a room, he spends some time searching from a nearby window. This is your opportunity to take him out. Humble him and then drag his body to the back corner near the statue. Do the same with the first guard you submitted and collect everything that has fallen.

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Now you have to go through the door at the end of this room, but the camera is guarding them. Go to it, but wait for it to go all the way to the left. You can sneak up to the door by going through the gap to the right. The camera may see you, but we’ll fix it later. Get below the line of sight. If you’ve been in this for too long, you’ll be spotted and no one wants it. Make sure you are to the right of the door so that no one in the next room can see you when you open it.

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When you are in the right position, unlock the door, open it and turn the coin to the corner of the room to the left. This pulls the enforcer inside. However, the camera is still a problem. Walk around the field of view and to the right of the camera. There are some chairs, and if you crouch between them, you can do the following without getting caught by an NPC or a camera.

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As soon as the guard passes, throw the briefcase on his head and conquer it. Collect everything he drops, and then pull his body out of sight of the camera. Make sure they don’t see it, even if it turns on both sides. If you are lucky, it will still fall out of your sight.

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Step 4: Kill the target

Fortunately, the goal is in this next room. He’s an NPC in a white shirt. It is especially partial to a certain type of jam and we will use it against it. He’ll go for it and stand there for a while. Once he stands close to you with his back to you and the other NPC has his back to you, kill him with a modern deadly syringe. There is a chance that NPCs will not behave this way. If this happens, wait for the target to disperse, then conquer the other NPCs in the room and kill the target in any way.

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Then use the key to remove the other NPCs in the room. We don’t need him to see the body and cause problems. This is also the room where the security camera footage is stored. Remove the system and your silent killer rank will be restored.

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Step 5: Finish

Leaving the mission is simple enough. You must return as you came here. The only difference is that when you leave the attic, you have to put on Agent 47’s suit again. The reason is that you will need this suit to leave all the areas you went through on the way up.

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Leave any exit you want. The main entrance is a safe bet, but you have plenty of others to choose from if you fancy mixing things.

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