Hitman 2 – how to get a Silent Assassin rank in Hawke’s Bay


Hitman 2 – How to get the rank of Silent Assassin in Hawke’s Bay

Want to get a Silent Assassin ranking in Hawke’s Bay, the primary mission in Hitman 2? Take our hand, pack our fish and we’ll go looking.

First go up to the seaside and in the direction of the home. Be cautious when approaching – the circuit is guarded by safety cameras. You will need to bypass the constructing and shoot them rigorously. Life is far simpler.


Once you will have achieved so, head to the pool on the aspect of the home and thru the open glass door. Lift the screwdriver in, then exit and apply it to the storage door to discover your method in. If you might be taking part in this degree, you possibly can keep away from this step at any time and use the lockpick to enter via any of the outer doorways.

Next, go upstairs and take a look at to entry the laptop. It will not work for the primary time since you want the important thing behind the image on the opposite aspect of the room. Don’t hesitate and assist your self with a variety of weapons on the wall, then return and use the dongle.

Before accessing the pc once more, go across the higher ground and use the interface to shut the blinds – it will make the later elements simpler. Once you enter the pc, a lot of guards will seem and the very first thing they’ll do is sweep the home. Go again to the bed room and discover a good shelter, ideally in a closet or someplace the place you might be fully hidden.


Once you are achieved sweeping, land and hear to the dialog your goal has in your cellphone. When she mentions her give up, she and her companion head to mattress.

The simplest way to get a Silent Assassin ranking is to conceal in your chest close to the mattress, wait till they go to sleep, after which suffocate her with a pillow.


When you are achieved, exit the again of the home and discover a place to leap with out being seen.

Go from tall grass to lengthy grass again to your boat and slip via the patrols. As you method an enemy automobile, you could shoot a can of gasoline out of the trunk to distract. As quickly as you hearth, crouch in the grass closest to your boat and await the guards to run round. Return to your ship and be in your method.

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