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If you want to make a lot of money with a handful of friends or players in GTA Online, a good way to do this is to fill out one of the various robberies available in the game. These robberies will force you and your team to meet a number of goals, and the better you complete these goals and complete certain tasks, the more payouts you and your teammates will receive to reap more rewards. Not every robbery is the same and some provide more payouts according to their difficulty.

These are some of the best paying robberies in GTA Online

The best paying robberies in GTA Online

Heist Diamond Casino

Diamond Casino was created for players to take risks and leave with huge rewards. There are several goals, from direct cash to diamonds. Of the options available, diamonds offer the highest potential payout, with a final cut of $ 3,619,000, which is the most difficult. You can reduce it to a normal level, but the rewards will be reduced to $ 3,290.00, which is not too bad if you can complete a mission of normal difficulty with a more reliable frequency than the harder one. While it’s not always available, the next best option is gold. You can receive $ 2,843,500 on the hardest difficulty and $ 2,585,000 on the lowest difficulty.

This is all the loot you can potentially get from a robbery.

  • Cash: $ 2,326,500 on the most difficult difficulty, $ 2,115,000 under normal circumstances
  • Works of art: $ 2,585,000 on the most difficult difficulty, $ 2,350,000 under normal circumstances
  • Gold: $ 2,843,500 on the most difficult difficulty, $ 2,585,000 under normal circumstances
  • Diamonds: $ 3,619,000 in the most difficult difficulty, $ 3,290,000 in normal

Cayo Perico Heist

The second best robbery you can take is Cay Perico Heist, which was added just before the end of 2020. There are various treasures you can steal from the site, and the best is the Panther statue. The Panther statue will not always be there, but it also contains a lot of excellent booty that you and your team could leave with in the end. Panther Statue is worth $ 2,090,000 on the hardest difficulty and $ 1,900,000 on normal. A more reliable pink diamond is worth $ 1,330,000 on the most difficult difficulty or $ 1,300,000 on normal. There are lots of loot you can steal, which will give you some great numbers if you and your team can work together.

This is all the loot you can potentially get from a robbery.

  • Specialty alcohol: $ 990.00 for hard and $ 900,000 for normal
  • Ruby Necklace: $ 1,100,000 on hard and $ 1,000,000 on regular
  • Bearer bonds: $ 1,210,000 for hard and $ 1,100,000 for normal
  • Madrazo files: $ 1,100,000 for normal and only available under normal circumstances
  • Pink Diamond: $ 1,430,000 on hard and $ 1,300,000 on regular
  • Panther statue: $ 2,090,000 on hard and $ 1,900,000 on normal

Judgment Day scenario

The third and final part of Doomsday Heists is the Doomsday scenario. It offers the largest payout of the three. You will be able to earn $ 1,500,000 on the most difficult difficulty. If you set it to normal, you’ll still be able to earn $ 1,200,000, which is a nice amount of cash. Before entering this you will have a complete previous scenario and each offers its own amount. They are not as much as the Doomsday scenario, but it is not a bad catch from any of them and you will not waste time.

Pacific standard

Pacific Standard was one of five standard robberies added to GTA Online when robberies were first available. It offers the highest payout of five and you can choose from three unique difficulties. The most difficult difficulty means that you and your team can leave with $ 1,250,000. This reduces the normal difficulty to $ 1,000,000. The easiest difficulty is half that of a regular difficulty, potentially allowing you to bank $ 500,000. While it may not be as lucrative as some of the other robberies on the list, it can be a good way to raise some money to make the harder robbery easier.

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