Here’s your first look at Oro and Rival Schools’ Akira in Street Fighter 5

Here is your first look at Accra Oro and Rival Schools in Street Fighter 5

We may not see a new competitive school game soon, but at least Akira Kazama will make her debut Street Fighter 5 soon.

If you’re a fan of punk styles, apologetic biker fighters, then you’re in luck; Akira Rival Schools has finally performed in Capcom’s leading fighting game.

We know that Akira has been in the game for some time, but Capcom’s latest live stream has been playing a character for the character – and it looks great. Check out her first game trailer below.

Longtime fans of the series may notice that he swings a lot of older moves, which mix with some new additions, and Akira’s older brother Daigo also appears. Watch the trailer and watch Dana fry with a strong pose. Intimidating.

Even better, we also have more information about the other two incoming characters that will be included in Season 5 and the premium passes: Oro and Rose.

Rose will perform in Street Fighter 5 onwards April 19following Dana Hibiki arrived at Street Fighter 5 in late February. Neither Rose nor Oro have release dates yet. There is also a final character in the game that the developer has not yet identified. We wonder who it could be …

Oro Street Fighter 5

Oro, an ultra-powerful hermit who needs to tie one hand behind his back (and balance a turtle on it) to limit his power, makes his famous return to the game correct, after appearing in the story modes of Menat and Dhalsim.

He dressed up with his classic jump attack, double jump and a new move called Tsuranekeashi (whose EX version is a good base for some neat combos).

“Orov’s V-Skill I is called Onibi.” With this move, Oro threw out a smaller version of his SFIII Super Art projectile Yagyou Dama, which will bounce off the floor at different angles, “explains the description of the figure on the PS blog.

“It gives Or a chance to put more pressure on his opponent.” The ascent is a bit slow, but has a few hits to damage the projectile, so it can break through the enemy’s fireballs.

“His V-Skill II is a new move called Minomushi, where he makes a small jump.” By entering a stroke or kick after this move, Oro can follow up with other moves. “

If you’re excited about what will happen next in the final season of the game, you can check out the rest of the plan for the final season of the game below and you can read why Alex just wants Street Fighter 6 to be revealed on the link, too.

Street Fighter 5 seasonal passes

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