Hello Games’ next project is as big and ambitious as No Man’s Sky

Another Hello Games project is as big and ambitious as No Man’s Sky

Hello Games is trying to the long run.

Although Hi games continues to help No Man’s Sky, since lately launched the Desolation replace, the developer is secretly busy with greater than house adventures.

Hello Games has simply launched The Last Campfire, nevertheless it was additionally a aspect project within the works of a small crew within the studio. Currently a big Hello Games project, a big project is the one which Sean Murray confirmed for the primary time.

In an interview with PolygonMurray stated the crew is now 26 robust. Three of them created The Last Campfire and some proceed to work on No Man’s Sky.

But everybody else is working arduous on different big issues that Murray says is “a huge, ambitious game like No Man’s Sky.” Unfortunately, Murray didn’t share any particulars in regards to the sport, nor after we can count on it. That is, he talked just a little bit in regards to the lesson of the way in which No Man’s Sky was proven and marketed earlier than it was launched.

“There are a lot of positive things about your game,” Murray stated. “Where you get interest in people who wouldn’t otherwise play it.”

An instance of this is No Man’s Sky; a small sport whose potential viewers was expanded as a results of fixed talking and performing Hello Games, which took months, permitting it to succeed in individuals who wouldn’t in any other case discover it within the indie part on Steam.

“But I’ll look back because I’ve done a lot of different press opportunities and things like that.” And I depend on half of what we did – and a whole lot of the place we had issues, I imply, the place we have been naive – we actually did not should do it and we might have the identical stage of success, you recognize?

“There were a lot of opportunities ahead of us and we were told that these were the right things I was doing, and I look back and I’m not sure they were great, super important to the overall result.”

You can learn the entire interview on the hyperlink above. The newest campfire is now accessible on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Apple Arcade.

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