Hearthstone’s next solo campaign begins September 17

Hearthstone’s next solo campaign begins on September 17

The enlargement of Hearthstone’s Saviors of Uldum receives a brand new solo campaign on September 17.

Graves of Terror, as the only participant campaign is known as, is the second chapter within the arc of the story of the Savior Uldum and a direct continuation of the earlier Dalaran Robbery campaign. The solo journey is totally vocal and options the League of Explorers – adventurous archaeologists who’ve come to discover the ruins of Uldum with a purpose to destroy the 4 plague lords geared toward destruction.

“We’ve always worn a torch for classic dungeon crawling, and with Tombs of Terror we’ve set out to create our deepest and most playable solo adventure yet,” Blizzard President J. Allen Brack stated in a press release. “With so many new deck-building options that dual-class heroes can unlock, and with all the signature treasures gained, we hope players will be happy to explore the Tombs of Terror again and again.”

This chapter introduces “dual class heroes”, with every of the 4 heroes taking playing cards from two totally different courses. Night Elf librarian Elise Starseeker combines the abilities of a priest and a druid, dinosaur tamer Brann Bronzebeard is a hunter and warrior, the magical Murloc Finley Mrrglton is a paladin and shaman and relicologist Reno Jackson is a mage and brawler.

After finishing every chapter of the campaign, gamers will obtain three decks of Uldum Savior playing cards – a complete of 15 decks. Once you’ve accomplished all three chapters, you’ll unlock a folded traditional deck of playing cards with distinctive card backs for individuals who full regular or heroic issue.

If you missed the primary chapter of the campaign, don’t fret. Come on September 17, which will probably be out there totally free. Three extra chapters are anticipated to be launched within the coming weeks at $ 700 in gold or as a part of a $ 14.99 package deal.

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