Half-Life: Alyx – how to optimise your game for streaming and spectating

Half-Life: Alyx – how to optimize your game for streaming and watching

Half-Life: Alyx is among the most anticipated games of 2020, however due to its VR exclusivity nature, streaming is tougher in contrast to most games.

This applies to Half-life: AlyxLike different VR games, in fact, however Valve has a number of options to this downside. To make watching Alyx streams extra pleasing, the developer has issued a number of tips for streamers to assist them create a seamless, vibration-free expertise for viewers.

That’s why Half-Life: Alyx has a customizable viewer mode that’s specifically designed so you’ll be able to management how the game converts VR visuals to a flat 2D display screen.

Eye settings in viewer mode

The very first thing you determine is viewer perspective. You can select between the left or proper eye. Valve recommends selecting the attention you might be pointing down. So choose to the best in the event you have a tendency to shut the left eye when pointing down.

Smooth viewer mode setting

You also can select anti-aliasing on or off in the identical menu. Settings smoothes vibration which ends from a fast turnaround within the game. After turning on, you’ll be able to choose from low, medium or excessive. Of course, this solely applies to the viewer’s standpoint.

This impact is utilized in actual time and comes with little or no efficiency.

HUD mode setting Viewer

HUD is one other aspect that will not at all times make sense to viewers. This possibility permits you to activate / off sure components of the HUD particularly for the viewer’s view. By default, the HUD shows well being, ammunition, the variety of resins, and any gadgets you carry.

However, you’ll be able to flip off the HUD utterly or management its dimension small, medium and massiveE.

In addition to the straightforward settings listed above, Alyx additionally provides deeper customization by an expanded menu. You can discover these choices within the developer game console, which you’ll entry by urgent the tilde (~) key. Before that, nevertheless, you have to allow entry to the console by including “-console -vconsole“About the options of operating the game on Steam.

Enabling the console will get you this.

Full anti-aliasing within the digital camera

This is a extra aggressive type of smoothing that’s designed for a cinematic look. It smoothes all three axes of rotation, however its massive drawback is that as effectively applies to your personal opinion in addition to the viewer’s view.

To allow this characteristic, invoke the console (~) and enter the next instructions:

  • vr_camera_decay_roll_halflife 0.5.
  • vr_camera_decay_yaw_pitch_halflife 0.09.

These values ​​could be additional modified and the numbers signify seconds. For instance, it takes 0.5 seconds for your digital camera to get “halfway between the currently displayed amount of camera roll and your actual head position.” In different phrases, the upper it goes, the extra you tune small rotations and add extra delay.

You can disable them by coming into “vr_camera_decay_roll_halflife 0” and “vr_camera_decay_yaw_pitch_halflife 0”.

Advanced HUD mode settings for viewers

Similarly, the viewer HUD could be additional tuned from its default choices. You can invoke the console and sort “hlvr_spectator_hud_size 100“Resize the viewer’s HUD. You can go between 50 and 150, or 0 to take away it utterly. Remember that that is solely seen to viewers.

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