Half-Life 3 was a procedurally generated rogue-lite at one point

Half-Life 3 was at one point a procedurally generated rogue-lite

One of a number of iterations of Half-Life 3 within the works on Valve at one time could be a massive departure for the collection.

Geoff Keighley Half-Life: Alyx – closing hours The documentary ebook incorporates an fascinating look at what Valve has been doing over time that the developer didn’t launch the sport.

As he states Ars Technica“Half-Life 3 is not surprisingly one of several projects Valve has been working on for some time before giving up for some reason. However, the half-life 3 described in Keighley’s account was not quite as expected by fans of the sequel.

The Half-Life 3 was inspired in some ways by the Left 4 Dead and in others by dishonest stories. It is said that this game was a matter of combat, where you move from one procedurally generated room to another and select randomly spawning enemies. Between these supposed dungeon jumps, the game would reinforce its story through cutscenes and scenes.

Valve worked on the game in early 2010, but in the end was unable to complete it due to problems with the then-developed Source Engine 2. By the time engine development caught steam, Valve moved on to other Half-Life projects, such as Marc Laidlaw’s Borealis, which was a VR game based on the ship Borealis. Some details of the plot of this game eventually got out, thanks to the contribution of “Epistle 3” Laidlaw.

The good news is that Valve developers are no longer “afraid of Half-Life” and plan to provide extra Half-Life games.

Half-Life: Alyx – Final Hour has in fact way more and you should purchase it and browse the entire thing your self at the hyperlink above.

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