Guilty Gear Strive – how to dash block

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Do you ever get frustrated by those who spam projectiles? You see waves on the waves of explosions heading towards your character and you have no idea what to do. The hyphen is the solution to your puzzle. It’s a useful tool in Guilty Gear Strive that turns tables to those who just press the buttons. Here’s how to implement it.

How to stop spammers

Screenshot by gameerror

If content is killed by projectiles in the path, you can face it. In a few moments before a new explosion gets in your way, quickly hurry by double-pressing the right or left D-Pad (or arcade lever). After the projectile touches soon, insert a crouched block. There should be a spark of energy around your character. Once you get the block confirmation, repeat the movement and when you are close enough, you can attack quickly with the triangular or cross key (S or K).

Another tip

Jumping is not always the answer. There is an impulse to jump over the projectile, but it will leave you open for the enemy’s air attack, depending on how close they are. It’s best to stick to the ground, block hyphens, and find a spam-intensive site instead. Understand your opponent’s abilities and react accordingly.

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