Guilty Gear Strive – How to burst and the best time to use it

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Guilty Gear Strive will be a challenging ride for beginners, as the veterans of this game have mastered combo games and special moves. However, you will have one trick up your sleeve, an explosion. Here’s how to activate it and the best way to implement a move against your opponents.

What is an explosion?

It’s a move that repels players from you during the pivotal moments of the fight. He blows them back to the other side of the stage and gives you some time to breathe before jumping on you again.

How to use move

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To implement the series, you must press D (R1 or right bumper) and any other face button at the same time. The best way to enter motion on the PS4 and PS5 with the controller is R1 and X, because that’s where your thumb lies. Otherwise, you want to make sure you’ve selected a button that you can quickly press immediately.

Best time to use it

Whenever you get carried away by a long combo that you can’t get out of, you should burst to get out and provide space between you and your opponent. Then you can strategize when is the best time to count. Do not use it with simple combinations, as recharging the series or at random points of the match will take a long time. It does not cause any damage, so it is best to use it at a more convenient time.

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