GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist setup | Madrazo Files, Scoping Targets, Prep Missions

GTA Online: Cayo Perico Robbery Setup | Madrazo ensembles, aiming targets, preparatory missions

For the first time since 2013 GTA Online left the mainland. The Cayo Perico Heist takes players to a private island off the coast that hosts the modern drug lord El Rubia and Madrazo Files, which you must steal as part of the latest multiplayer score.

Due to the scale of the operation, setting up and pulling out the Cayo Perico Heist is no small feat, especially if you are flying solo. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you figure out how to carve a clean path through the scale and mission of robbery preparation.

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With our help, you should be able to overthrow the El Rubio militia in any way you choose and return home with millions of dollars of GTA in your bag.

How to Find Madrazo Files on Cayo Perico

Before you start preparatory missions, you must uproot the island, but first you must secure a passage. Once you have purchased the submarine, start the “Gather Intel” mission at the planning table and use a quick trip on board to move to Vespucci Beach.

You will have to go to the airport to get to Cayo Perico, so use the Services menu to call a boat and travel to the yellow sign.

After a few movie scenes, head to the El Rubia party and dance to the Keinemusic set for as long as you see fit. Once you are filled by making big fish, small fish, a cardboard box, you have to slip out of the south gate, which should be simple enough. The guards patrol in a predictable way – be patient and walk around them.

Once you’re outside, you’ll be dragged away, dragged back to the party, so watch out for the visible cone guards on your minimap. You will have no weapons here and using vehicles is useful but dangerous. If the guards hear the engine, they will come to you, so use your cars and bikes carefully.

At the first checkpoint on the right, watch the CCTV and sneak past the guards directly by going through the door marked as an intruder.

Stay away from the roads and follow the yellow sign to the main gate and Pavel will tell you to find the communication tower of the island. As you can imagine, it’s relatively easy to figure out, but the game will give you a yellow circle to help you no matter what.

Sneak up to the giant tower, climb up, and then solve the signal puzzle. You must compare the number at the top of the screen by combining the numbers on the left with the symbols on the right that double, divide or spit out other mathematical solutions. The results are random, so try different combinations until you get them.

Once you do, you will have access to security cameras on the island and the El Rubio area. Move the camera as far left and right as possible at each angle.

This will unlock several infiltration points for the inner sanctum. You should also look for images, gold, wounds and weeds that you can add to your secondary prey when you’re on camera. It’s hard to remind them, honestly, so don’t worry too much about it, just be thorough.

Finally, you will see the Madrazo documentation you need to steal as part of a scripted camera sequence. When it’s over, you can look through all the cameras. After the next pass, jump out to make sure you’ve seen everything.

Cayo Perico Heist Scoping Mission

At this point, the island is your oyster. You can explore the contents of your heart and you should, because like The Diamond Casino Heist, you will have many more options when you launch a robbery if you expand it thoroughly.

Keep in mind that they will send you home if the guards catch you too many times – or they will see a search helicopter that will arrive if you spend too long on the island.

With Snapmatic on your phone, you can take photos of infiltration points, escape points, secondary targets, compound entry points and points of interest on Cayo Perico.

Paul will take you to some of these places before you leave, as part of a mandatory sequence, but the lion’s share of these targets will have to be found by the player by reconnaissance. If you need to go back to Los Santos, you can go back as much as you want.

These hidden additions lead to optional preparatory missions and other paths to success during the finals. You don’t have to look for them all to complete the robbery, but it’s worth finding a few after completing Paul’s mission to smooth the whole experience.

Keep in mind that for items like Bolt Cutters, Guard Clothing and Grappling Hooks, you only need as many people as there are robberies on your team. So don’t be afraid to get them all if you plan to take a robbery solo, or in a duo or trio. You will only have limited space in a duffel bag if you also play solo, so it is not worth finding every secondary source, because you will not be able to carry it.

Above you see my filled map of the island, which should take you to all the destinations I found. This handy Map of Reddit It will also show you all the randomized selections if you have trouble.

Infiltration Points, Exfiltration Points, and specific Points of Interest are static for all, but secondary targets such as Weed, Cash, and Cocaine, and tools such as Bolt Cutters and Grappling Hooks are randomly placed for each player.

Basic objectives of the Cayo Perico range, explained

Control tower

If you go to the left of the starting gate back to the runway where you entered, you will find a control tower at the end of the lane on the left. Scan it and when you seize the real robbery, you can sneak in and deactivate El Rubia’s air defenses, allowing you to summon air raids, helicopters and other support crews.

Electrical network

Just east of the control tower is a road that leads out to the rest of the island. Follow him and get a picture of the distribution network in the cage. This will allow you to deactivate all lights and CCTV when you land on the island for a final robbery, which greatly facilitates sneaking.

Drain tunnel

If you swim to the back of El Rubio’s Compound at the bottom of the map, you will find a boat. Jump in and approach the inner sanctum to unlock the infiltration point of the underwater tunnel. This is the best way to rob the island discreetly, using Kostaka as your approach in combination with a diving suit. To get inside, you must perform an optional Cutting Torch preparation mission.

Supply truck

Like the tools, this POI appears in random places. I found mine in the North Dock in the upper right corner of the map. If you steal it, you can disguise yourself through the main gate of the complex, if you drive with confidence.

Cutting powder

Another randomized spawn I found on the farm on the far right of the bottom map. If you go to one of the water towers of the island, you can damage the water supply and weaken the guards of El Rubia.

Protective clothing

There are four pieces of protective clothing on the island, one for each member of the robbery. I found mine in a cafe on the runway. If you turn into them, the El Rubia guards will be less likely to expose you.

Screw cutters

There are four pairs of screw shears on the island. I found down in the middle of the runway, on the left. You need them to open the gates and get the cash, weeds or cocaine you marked, and access to the grid to turn off the cameras.


There are four Grappling Hook bags on the island. I found mine by climbing the water tower in North Dock. This will allow you to climb over one of the walls of the El Rubio complex, which is better than walking through the front door!

Secondary objectives

Cash, weeds, cocaine, gold and paintings can be found in warehouses across the island and on cameras (accessed via the Sightseer app on your phone). I’ve found that you can store two secondary targets in your loot bag before it’s full, so that’s about eight potential secondary targets for a full team of four.

Infiltration points

Use the map above to take pictures of each grouped zone on the island to find the missing infiltration points following the first mission. The infiltration point image also unlocks it as an escape point. The drainage tunnel is the only tricky one – located at the back of the El Rubio complex underwater.

  • Runway
  • Halo jump
  • West Beach
  • Main doc
  • North Dock
  • North Drop Zone
  • South Drop Zone
  • Drain tunnel

Escape points

  • Runway
  • Main doc
  • North Dock
  • Jib

Compound entry points

You unlock them all by closely watching the cameras in the first mission, except for the Drain Tunnel.

  • Main gate
  • North wall
  • North Gate
  • South wall
  • South gate
  • Drain tunnel

Guide to Cayo Perico robbery missions

Cayo Perico Heist’s preparatory missions are divided into four sections, each with its own sub-missions.

Approach vehicles

  • Jib
  • Alcohol
  • Velum
  • Stealth Annihilator
  • Patrol boat
  • Longfin

To prepare for a robbery, you must complete one approach vehicle mission. I chose the secret helicopter as my approach vehicle, purely because it’s the only option with a two-part mission – and it’s a secret helicopter!

Cayo Perico Heist’s preparatory missions are very straightforward. You will be sent to kill agents on the ship, deactivate the air defenses and then fly a helicopter to a hanger nearby. It takes a few minutes.

A subsequent pilot mission kills creditors in Vinewood Hills and then escapes the police. You’ve seen it all before. No danger!

Loading weapons

  • Aggressor
  • Conspirator
  • Great shooter
  • Saboteur
  • Shooter
  • Suppressors (purchased in cash)

In this section, you must complete one Weapon Loadout preparation mission. You will need to follow a helicopter from Merryweather Headquarters to an Avenger plane. Clean the area, head to the Avenger and pick up the cargo. Then you can take her to the submarine.


Demolition fees

In this mission, you head to O’Neill Ranch and wipe out an army of guards. You must pick up a keychain to unlock the basement, where you will find charges, which you must then take back to the Killer Whale.

Secure code

Go to the casino and Paul will send you a text message that you must use to find the head of security inside the shelter. Kill them all and get the codes from his corpse.

Fingerprint cloner

You go to the warehouse, where you hack a laptop, and then you go to the archive, where you need to find a small fingerprint. The waltz around the desks until you see it – it’s small!

Cutting torch – optional

You will be sent to a warehouse full of guards. Clean them and search the toolbars to get the cutting torch you need to use the drainage tunnel infiltration point.


  • Guns
  • Armor
  • Air support

These last few missions are optional, but very useful because they weaken El Rubio’s defenses on the island. You choose a dealer of weapons, buzzards and shipments within a time limit of 10 minutes.

Remember that you only have one shot on Heist Prep on each of these missions, so try not to make any mistakes. Before embarking on any Disruption mission, get your submarine close to shore and make sure your car is close so you can quickly zip around the map.

If you have an Oppressor Mark II or other flying vessel equipped with weapons, it’s a toy.

Hire a support crew

  • Raid
  • Decline in supply
  • Sniper
  • Helicopter backup
  • Recon Drone
  • Hiding weapons

When you start the finals, you will also be able to pay to unlock a number of Support Crew teams to make everything a little easier and accessible from the in-game service offerings. However, for airborne support crews, you must deactivate the air defenses using the control tower we mentioned earlier as soon as you penetrate Cayo Perico.

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