GTA 5 will seemingly run at 4K 60fps on PS5

GTA 5 will seemingly run on PS5 at 4K 60 frames per second

The PlayStation blog may have inadvertently confirmed great detail about the upcoming release of GTA 5 on PS5.

GTA 5 is released on the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S this November. We know that it will be improved in some way to take advantage of the new hardware, but Rockstar doesn’t offer any specifics yet.

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In the post lookahead on German PlayStation blog (over Eurogamer), the official store has introduced a number of games that will soon be available on the PS5. Among them was GTA 5, and the blog said it would render in 4K and run at 60 fps.

Given the power of the new consoles, this is of course not entirely new. But it’s a big news for console players who have been bothered by a game with a frequency of 30 fps for two generations.

This could also be a bit of a guess from the PS Blog, given how many games offer a higher framerate on the new consoles, so it’s worth keeping in mind before you get too excited.

Because the PS5 and Xbox Series X are almost identical in power, you can probably expect similar performance on the Microsoft console. However, the S Series remains a mystery.

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