Gearbox’s next game, probably a Borderlands spin-off, will be revealed on June 10

Another Gearbox game, probably a Borderlands spin-off, will be unveiled on June 10

2K games and Border developer Transmission are to boast some new games on E3 2021and it looks like the first big revelation will come on June 10th.

A new tweet from the official Summer Game Fest account has confirmed that another game from Gearbox Software will be announced at the very beginning of E3, later this week.

“Get ready to unveil a new adventure from @GearboxOfficial and @ 2K during #SummerGameFest Kickoff Live on June 10,” reads a tweet.

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The irritations are marked with the words “be chaotically large”, which points to a new site with a countdown to Thursday’s event. The momentum of the revelation may have been dismantled by a leak that surfaced last week, suggesting that the Borderlands spin-off and the Marvel XCOM-inspired game are on their way from 2K Games.

Wario64 he dug through the code of the website and revealed the name Wonderland, which corresponds to recent leaks. Name Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was also thrown around. This is probably the new Gearbox franchise to be issued before April 2022.

Apart from the name, however, not many details about the game are known.

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The June 10 event takes place on Thursday at 19:00 BST / 11:00 PDT / 14:00 EDT and will open for E3’s own weekend.

To learn more about this year’s E3 in general, check out our full E3 2021 plan.

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