Fortnite’s Daybreak sounds a lot like a PvE mode

Fortnite’s Daybreak sounds a lot like PvE mode

Fortnite will soon seem to introduce a new experience.

Fortnite he seems ready to go beyond the battle kingdom with an upcoming regime called Daybreak. The files for the new mode were datamined in today’s update v16.40.

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According to Fortnite Intel, Daybreak is a time-limited mode that rewards players with an exclusive umbrella for their first victory. Although the files themselves do not reveal much, they confirm that Daybreak will contain NPCs and monsters / raiders that players will fight.

The main task seems to be to repair the helicopter and escape from the island. This island actually escaped earlier this month, courtesy of the famous Hypex leak. In one of the documents presented in his experiment with Apple, Epic Games described Daybreak as “an open-world sandbox simulator mode,” suggesting that it’s not just this LTM.

The idea is that some of the mechanics introduced in Chapter 2 of Season 6, such as craft production and hunting, will begin to play in Daybreak.

This mode is likely to come soon, as files for it have been added with a new patch. This probably means that a proper announcement is close.

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