Fortnite streamer TheGrefg smashes Twitch viewer record

Streamer Fortnite TheGrefg broke the Twitch viewers record

The persona attracted an viewers of two.47 million folks

Spanish recreation streamer TheGrefg simply destroyed the Twitch viewership record.

Yesterday, the movie star attracted an unbelievable 2.47 million spectators into the present, which revealed the pores and skin of the battle royal big Fortnite. Twitcher Tracker analytical platform describes it as the very best highest watcher for the stream to this point and achieves greater than double the record, which the second place, the sports group EleagueTV, boasts with 1.09 million viewers.

It can be about 4 instances increased than the following streamer on the Ninja record, whose common spectator record is 616,693.

At the time of writing, TheGrefg boasts 6.3 million followers and Twitch.

TheGrefg revealed his pores and skin to Fortnite and joined these like Ninja and Loserfruit within the Icon Series. It was unveiled 12 months in the past in January 2020.

“One of TheGrefg’s great ways of streaming is that it illustrated the global appeal of the media,” stated Doron Nir, CEO of StreamElement streamer platform. said IGN.

“All major live streaming platforms have significant international bases, but having a milestone like this set by the Spanish streamer helps focus attention on the industry’s broad appeal.”

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