Fortnite Season 7 Rumours | Aliens and everything else we know so far

Fortnite rumors from season 7 | Aliens and everything else we know so far

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 It is expected to be released around June 8, although the exact release date has not yet been confirmed.

So far, there have been few official words about what to expect from next season, but thanks to attentive players and data miners, we have had some clues as to what we are likely to see.

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  • Season 7 Tips: Aliens ?!
  • What will be included in the season 7 battle ticket?

Season 7 Tips: Aliens ?!

The last weekly update introduced the Foreshadowing Questline line. It is generally believed that this five-part Epic Quest series will provide a storyline between the 6th and 7th seasons.

Thanks to the Twitter user @FN_Assist, we know that the latest map updates provide some hard advice on next season’s topic.

While most of the assets they uncovered have now been confirmed as part of Foreshadowing quests, posters around Sweaty Palms remain a mystery. They show hand in hand what appear to be aliens and humans.

Given the distinctly sci-fi / horror flavor of the Foreshadowing questline, we wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.

Further data mining revealed texture files, animations and sound effects that also point to an alien theme.

And finally, Twitter users @FortTory and @HYPEX revealed that a number of Fortnite creators acquired mysterious DVD players containing shots of crop circles. While the connection to Fortnite has not yet been confirmed, it seems likely that it is part of the ARG promoting the new season.

What will be included in the season 7 battle ticket?

The details of the new season’s battle ticket are right under the hood right now. Given that many new performances have recently been related to the theme of the Primal Season, some sci-fi / alien skins and weapons seem to be a fair bet.

We will keep you informed as we learn more!

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