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Making Fortnite How to collect parts and craft weapons

Fortnite: Chapter 2, season 6in line with the theme Primal introduced a number of survival mechanics. In addition to the usual Battle Royale game, you will now collect mechanical parts and animal bones in the following situations create your own weapons and items.

  • How to Collect Craft Materials at Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 6
  • How to collect mechanical parts
  • How to collect animal bones
  • How to Make Weapons at Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 6
  • Upgrade your weapons even further

How to Collect Craft Materials at Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 6

In season 6, there are two main new types of craft material: mechanical parts and animal bones.

In general, it is easiest to find mechanical components in built-up areas of the map, where there are many buildings and cars. Animals, meanwhile, generally prefer more open and wilder areas of the map.

In addition, you will use other items to make special recipes – such as weapons, explosives or meat.

How to collect mechanical parts

Vehicles are the main source of mechanical parts at Fortnite. Use a hammer to destroy cars, trucks, tractors, etc., and throw away the craft you need.

In my experience, each vehicle usually drops a maximum of one mechanical part. It could fall before you completely destroy the vehicle, at which point you could move on if you don’t want the building parts either.

If you completely destroy a vehicle, always be aware that it tends to explode, ignite or fire into the air and land on you in protest. Just be careful.

Mechanical parts are mainly used for crafts Mechanical weapons.

How to collect animal bones

Unfortunately, if you are an animal lover, it sounds like this. You will have to kill the wild animals that you now find on the map and collect the bones that fall on them. You currently have a choice wolves, boar, chickens, a frogs.

(Although you’ll see, frogs drop a slightly different source – but still one that’s useful for creation.)

A few tips when it comes to hunting animals. First: your starting hammer will not be very good against any of them. Chickens and frogs simply move too fast to hit most of the time, and even if you do, the reduction in their HP is small. While wolves and boars try to attack you more slowly, getting close to a weapon at risk is riskier than a reward.

Second, even the smaller, non-aggressive creatures have surprisingly large health bands. So take a gun or two before you go hunting, and be prepared to shoot even a humble chicken three or four times.

Animal bones are mainly used for crafts Primary weapons.

How to Make Weapons at Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 6

To make a primary or mechanical weapon, you must find a Tentative versions of this weapon act as a base.

The makeshift weapons are basically the same that you’ve always been able to pick up in different places on the Fortnite map. But now revolver, rifle, shotgun, submachine gunand bows have craftsmanship.

Go to your inventory and notice the new Crafting tabs. Go ahead and see everything you can currently create with the items you have access to.

All items in your inventory that can’t be upgraded are grayed out, and at the top of each inventory item is a useful hammer icon that can be upgraded with the parts you currently have on hand.

Each item on the Craft tab gives you a preview of what its statistics will be after the upgrade is created.

Upgrade any makeshift weapons using four mechanical parts will give you a classic version of this weapon. It’s more or less the weapon you’re used to at Fortnite, but with improved statistics compared to its makeshift base.

Improvements to makeshift weapons using four animal bones creates the weapon Original variant. They are less accurate than conventional weapons, but cause much more damage. Plus, they look great as hell.

The name of the base version 4x name Animal Bones 4x Name of mechanical parts upgrade
Temporary bow Primal Bow Mechanical bow
Temporary revolver Primal pistols Revolver
Temporary rifle Primal Rifle Assault rifle
Temporary shotgun Primal shotguns Shotgun pump
Temporary submachine gun Primal SMG Submachine gun

Upgrade your weapons even further

The production of a classic or primary version of a weapon may not be the end of the road. Many of these weapons have another level of improvement available for their crafts.

We will take any classic weapon that has been upgraded with a mechanical part, and combine it with two shock waves grenades creates mechanical shock wave variant on that weapon.

Suitable for a season with a wilderness theme and a prominent Tomb Raider connection, it’s hard to focus on great bow upgrades. In addition to bow with mechanical shock wave above, you can combine a mechanically improved bow with six common grenadesso mechanical explosive bow.

Finally, there are two unique upgrades Primal Bow:

  • Combined with one smelly bag (dropped by frogs when you kill them instead of meat or bones) or three smelly fish (a new species introduced in season 6), the Primal Bow becomes a Primal Stink Bow.
  • Combined with firefly spring or a gas canister, Primal Bow happens Primal Flame Bow.

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