For Honor Year 3’s first new hero of 2019 is Vortiger the Black Prior

The first new hero of Honor Year 3 in 2019 is Vortiger the Black Prior

Here’s a take a look at the first of 4 new heroes to return to For Honor this yr.

For Honor Year 3 begins early, and right this moment Ubisoft offered a glimpse of one of the new heroes: Vortiger the Black Prior.

Vortiger is a troublesome class of knights who prefer to strike their opponents with a large dragon protect and lay them down with an extended sword.

The Black Prior Vortiger can be obtainable to all Year 3 Pass holders January 31. Those who don’t have a allow can unlock it February 7 for 15,000 metal.

The Honor Year 3 Pass prize is $ 30 and contains: early entry to all new heroes, 30 days of champion standing, 5 Scavenger containers and an unique Thunderbolt and Frightening impact.

Maps and modes can be obtainable to all gamers free of charge at launch. This features a new map of the Dominion, Harbor, being printed January 31.

Updates are also in the works for Shugoki, a warrior and peacekeeper. More details about the adjustments coming to those heroes can be offered later.

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